Find the intersection of purpose and work. 

Have you engaged each of your employees? If you haven’t worked with each employee to individualize engagement, you haven’t really engaged your employees.

The answers to the most complex problems facing your organization become solvable when everyone is working toward the same goals. Easy to say, but how do you do that? The Life Path Adviser Program suggests a new employee-centric approach: align each person’s mission in life with your work mission.

The Life Path Adviser Program uses ten Steps taken from the guidebook “Reset Your Life Path” to help your employees or meeting participants find their personal mission and learn how to apply it in the work they do. Imagine a workplace where staff want to make a contribution based on their unique strengths in order to be of service to your same shared mission and goals.

Help from The Life Path Adviser Program can be customized or you can select from any of the following services. The process does not need to be expensive or time-consuming, and can be incorporated into existing efforts.

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Mission Alignment Services

Single “mission alignment” presentation

Manager training

1:1 Adviser sessions

Use the guidebook “Reset Your Life Path”

Individual assessments with feedback

Customized for other unique needs or outcomes (e.g. mediation, facilitation, training, mentoring)

Motivational or workshop presentation


The Life Path Adviser Program is designed for:

  • Employee-wide engagement programs
  • Mission-minded non-profits
  • High impact customer service teams
  • Sales teams/motivational speaking
  • Conference organizers
  • Executive or manager teams
  • Staff development
  • Human resources staff
  • Performance improvement efforts


The Outcome?
Aligning missions has a purpose beyond meeting goals. As the credo states for The Life Path Adviser Program, FIND YOUR PURPOSE, CHANGE THE WORLD.


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    Q & A

    That may be a question for you to ask yourself about your employee engagement program. But it may also be a question your employees are asking themselves every day.

    You already know engagement affects productivity and just about everything else that you consider important. Unless you’ve had an impact on individual employees, your strategy hasn’t really engaged them. As an employee, feeling like you are having an impact is engagement.

    Ask them. Not exactly just like that. Think of this: each employee has a unique contribution to make to your mission and goals. If only you knew what that might be. What a difference that could make.

    Be employee-centric. Work is only one part of the life of a real person. Learn how a person’s bigger purpose in life fits into their work mission, including how to be of service. Using an external group like The Life Path Adviser gives employees the confidentiality they need. The Steps in “Reset Your Life Path” are applied practically with an emphasis on finding the intersection of purpose and work.

    …please continue reading and respond to the request form for more information about how the Life Path Adviser Program can fit into your unique situation. Review the basis of this Program, the book “Reset Your Life Path.” A single presentation for managers or their employees can accomplish a lot all of the way through a full consultancy with private Adviser sessions.