If you are in a “helping” profession…
The Life Path Adviser Program can help anyone reset their life path. That includes you to reinvent yourself. Or, you can enhance your professional practice by explaining to your clients you have a Program to help them reinvent themselves.

Enhance your professional practice and realize your purpose. They are interdependent. Did you know that?

Use the Life Path Adviser Program
The basis of The Life Path Adviser Program is the book “Reset Your Life Path.” Once you read the book or use any of the following services, you can offer The Life Path Adviser Program to prospective clients. Or, use it as an example of how to create your own program. Use the form on this page for detailed information and instructions.

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Which of these would you like to explore for yourself?

Reset Your Life Path
Do you know how your work reflects your personal mission? Design your practice around what is important to you. Out of that, clients are attracted to your authenticity and the Program you offer.

Create Your Own Program
Are customers or potential clients confused when you explain what you do or how you can help them? Explaining that you have a program helps the listener understand you have a specific process and outcome. Use this Program as a model or get help creating your own program.

Marketing Consulting
Training programs rarely teach how to market yourself. “Reset Your Life Path” includes the practicality of marketing yourself among its 10 Steps. The author is available for personal consultations using his book and background in life coaching and marketing.


The Outcome?

When you use this Program, you align your purpose with your professional practice.

When you offer this Program, you enhance your practice and attract customers.

When your customers use this Program, you give them a step-by-step process for creating the most meaningful and realistic change possible that leads to the most important action.


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    Q & A

    The Life Path Adviser Program is a 10-step process for reinvention. Optional adviser/life coaching is available. This website provides additional resources for book readers and program participants. Review the Steps for resetting your life path or the book upon which the Program is based.

    This is not limited to new professionals or those who want to enhance their practice. Helping your customer create change is at the heart of what you do. Reinvention is change. If you know how to create positive change for yourself, you can better help those you are trying to help. The Life Path Adviser Program recommends creating positive change based on finding your purpose. Do you know your purpose in life? Once you do, you can connect who you are with what you do. But that also means being clear about what you offer so that your gifts to the world can be accepted. And that is when you thrive.

    Potential clients want to know both the process and outcome of what it’s like to work with you. Helping professionals emphasize how they facilitate the process in general terms because they know the outcome is frequently client-generated. That makes the explanation confusing for the listener. Which of the following sounds more appealing to you if you asked somebody “what do you do?”

    • I’m a life coach (or another profession) and I help people clarify a work or life transition based on my professional training that depends on what you are trying to change and then helping you achieve whatever that is. Or….
    • I use a 10-step process called The Life Path Adviser Program incorporated with my life coach training that helps you reinvent yourself based on everything from your readiness for change to actually creating a practical action plan. It’s all based on my helping you find your purpose in life. (And this can lead to a discussion such as…)
      • Do you know what your purpose in life is? I can help you find it and then plan your most important decisions around it. (And if the person you are talking to expresses interest…) What’s the most important decision you need to make now about how to reinvent yourself? (And in response) There’s a Step in the Program that would help you with that called…

    You can choose what you want: get the guidebook for yourself or for your clients or get your own adviser session to find and apply your purpose in your professional practice, or just to learn how to enhance your practice. You can use The Lifepath Adviser Program if you participate in any of these activities to promote your practice. Or, with or without these offers, you can create your own program. Educational sessions are available to help create your own program. Use the information request form to get updates or request information.