: Life Coach, Creator of Life Path Advisers: mark@lifepathadviser.com: www.lifepathadviser.com: Yes: Adler Trained Certified Coach (with roots in Adlerian, positive psychology); M.S. degree in preventive medicine and environmental health; B.S. degree in biosocial science and psychology; Maintain continuing education requirements of the International Coach Federation: Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation : I created this program to help those who are already motivated to make a significant change, are purpose-driven, and want to make a contribution, but may not have all the answers for how to reinvent themselves or even know how to get started. I especially enjoy working with emerging entrepreneurs and anyone else seeking to “find their purpose, change the world”.: First-time appointments can be scheduled about 2 weeks following requests, with referrals made to affiliated coaches if this timeframe cannot be accommodated.

    hawaiiA webWriting Reset Your Life Path and creating this Life Path Adviser program is how I reinvented myself. I left my career in healthcare marketing and became a trained and certified life coach. I can say that easily now, but it wasn’t always easy. Throughout my career, I connected people seeking to advance their health with the practitioners who could best help them. Something had gotten misaligned, though, as my career progressed. I thought, why not apply this model for advancing holistic well-being?

    In the process of reinventing myself for what felt like a higher purpose, I discovered how many people want to make a significant change but aren’t sure where to begin. My own experiences reinventing myself, the common desire for purpose, connection, and change I encountered, and the need for something new to help put trailblazers on a new path—all of this laid the foundation for this new type of program you see here.

    What I offer you through this program is a channel through which you can connect with advisers, support, resources, and a process for creating a meaningful change in your life or career. When I serve as your adviser, I still seek to serve as a channel, in this case between you and your higher purpose to achieve what you really need for a more fulfilling life and how to gain it, practically.